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Customer Success Stories

Football/Soccer Academy

As a top-5 youth football/soccer academy in India, FC Madras is leading the way in adoption of video capture and analysis technologies. BanyanBoard is used to create libraries of training sessions and organize videos using tagging of individual sessions. This is followed by in-person analysis sessions with coaches and analysts, using drawings and comments on videos.

Football strategy on board

Squash World Cup 2023

The Squash Rackets Federation of India is using BanyanBoard's sports data visualization, real-time tagging and graphics solutions to bring out rich overlays for the World Cup in June.

BanyanBoard's collaborative real-time tagging solution helps capture 30+ KPIs in real-time that are available immediately after games finish.

Scouting Platform

This football scouting platform is using BanyanBoard as it's backend video management solution taking advantage of capabilities like hosting, compression, streaming, collaboration, status tracking, tagging, analysis and video-linked dashboards.

Sport manager scouting for players
Top View, Cropped View of a Group of Business People Putting the

fully integrated

BanyanBoard can be fully integrated and white-labeled within access controlled applications.

BanyanBoard also allows you to annotate videos from popular sources like Youtube and Vimeo. Embedding your annotated videos in any website is a breeze. Check out our blogs for examples.

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